Friday, November 26, 2010

Konklusi : Aku Sayang Dia...

2nd post in a day, my head must be so mess up for me to do this

Basically a battle is raging on my mind right now..

So how should I put this, LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!

Round 1

Devil Syafiq : She break her promise to you, there is no telling if she will do it again

Angel Syafiq : You know deep inside she never meant it...

Round 2

Devil Syafiq : You deserve someone better, just leave her and find someone else!

Angel Syafiq : Hey! You freaking devil, why do you always get to deliver the first blow! huh.. never mind, hmm.. you know even if there is someone better you will realize that she is the only one that you would ever love, she is the only one that you want to give your love to..

Round 3

Devil Syafiq : God! Why do you always answer in a long sentences! Hey! You are the one that start the fight in the first place, you know deep inside you are getting tired of having empty promise!

Angel Syafiq : Owh look! A devil saying the word god! haha.. That is cute : p (Devil reaction : erk...) Well you also know that she never had the intention to break the promises, she love you way too much to do that, you had been to harsh on her, you know you are feeling guilty, you know that you are sorry...

Round 4

Devil Syafiq : er.. (losing his confidence) just look at her, how can you fall in love with an imperfect woman like that..

Angel Syafiq : Hehehe.. Losing your confidence already my dear friend? (Devil Reaction =_=") you also know that the imperfection also what make her what she is, what make her the woman that you love.. the woman you dream about.. the woman that you are crazy about.. the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life.. the face that you want to see lying beside you when you wake up every morning in the future.. (Devil reaction : Wekkk! I want to puke hearing this!)

Round 5

Devil Syafiq : Look how do you know that she even love you anyway?!

Angel Syafiq : If a woman is upset and shed tears when you scold her how can she not in love with you?

The Match verdict

Plain old me : (Looking at the angel and devil with a blank expression..) Er.. care to tell why the two of you being fighting in my mind again? My head is hurting from all the punches that you guys deliver at each other..

Angel Syafiq : (Looking at me with a caring smile) Because you my dear is very confuse right now..

Devil Syafiq : Yeah dude, we practically doesn't exist, well we exist, but you know we are not really an angel and a devil that posses the same look as you, this is just your imagination, well er... you get the picture hehe..

Plain old me : er.. haha.. I think I am starting to lose my mind to be imagining you guys

Angel Syafiq : ( Rolling his eyes) Listen dear.. I want you to look deep down inside your heart and tell me how do you really feel about this..

Devil Syafiq : Dude, by down I mean real downnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... ops.. sorry.. ( noticing the angel stern look)

Plain old me : Deep inside my heart...

Angel and devil syafiq : yes.. deep inside your heart (smile on their face..)

Plain old me : Aku sayang dia... aku rindu dia sangat2...

Angel and devil syafiq : er.. in English please? We are having a hard to understand that, well its your fault for imagining an English speaking devil and angel in the first place haha..

Plain old me : owh, sorry about that.. I love her.. I miss you so much dear.. there are practically no daylight in my day, no moon in my night since you had been gone.. I am so sorry for what I have done to hurt you.. I am only angry at you because I love you so much.. please.. I need you dear.. stop saying you are not the perfect girl to me cause in my eyes your are one of the most beautiful and perfect girl I ever seen, I love you so much.. I can't express how much I miss you, please forgive me...

All that I yearn for..
From the lips on an angel..
That is running tirelessly across my mind..
In day and in night, I chase her with all my might..
Never stopping for a breath, my lung is feel like it's about to burst..
Yet, my heart keep me going on, beating tirelessly for an angel of astound beauty..
The love inside me, now only belong to her, the daylight of my day and the moon of my night...

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