Thursday, December 23, 2010

For the true beauty that you are...

And I can't make it on my own..
Because my own heart isn't mine to own anymore..
Since you are here in my life..
I give my heart to you..
do what ever you want with it..
To crush it into a thousand pieces..
Nor to cherish it like it was your own..
Cause you to me..
Are no longer an imaginary dream...
The same dream I dream for hundreds of days before..

Spare me just three last words..
"I love you" is all I want hear...
I'll wait for you..
Till my final breath is gone..

I know it's hard to fall in love..
For all the torture you heart gone through before..

All I can say is
I'll be there..
To save you when you're about to fall..
To save you when you're at the edge of breaking down..
To save you when you're losing control your own self..

So I can finally see..
The mesmerizing smile being etch upon your face..
You cutest rosy cheeks is red once more..
The bright shine in your eyes..
The laugh of yours that make my heart skip a beat..

For the true beauty that you are...

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