Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time Out!

Busy giler sehari dua ni, huh.. I barely had contact with her too lately. Kalau ader contact pun mostly sebab kerja je. Hmm.. aper nak buat, dah nama pun busy, dia lagi la bertimbun kerja2 dia compare dari aku, so I had to understand that at least... Of course la aku kisah.. tapi aper gunanya aku jadi BF dia kalau aku tak boleh support dan back up dia at least dalam hal ni. Kalau bab rindu tu tak payah cakap la.. macam nak meroyan pun ader sekarang nih. Tapi cool je la, nama pun lelaki, be strong je la.. apa boleh buat.. We both got our future to be thinking of, so we just work, work, work, work and work..
But I can't deny that I still miss her despite the amount of work that I had been doing...

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