Friday, March 18, 2011

The End Of My Foundation

Be strong, stay strong
Live strong, remain strong
unmovable like the ocean tide
Against all the contradiction
Against you, against me
against they, who just sit and wonder
the believer and the disbeliever
who are you, not even matter..
It's what you are not that count

This lyric been wandering in my head for some freaking time. I don't really know when this song will be finish so I guess I just see where my life take me before completing it. Speaking about life I just finish my TESL foundation today! Guess now I am a matriculation grad :) I feel rather glad actually. Well you see I have a rather hectic life this semester and lets just say it did manage to get to some of the best part of me. But that does not meant I did not enjoy this semester at all. I made some really good memories here. The memories that really  mature me and will be etched forever in my heart. I wish the best of luck to my fellow friends. I know there is a very blinding bright future ahead of you. Now I have six months worth of holiday to be enjoyed! Haha.. It will not really be all fun and leisure unfortunately. I have make a list of some goals that I want to achieve during this half a year. Yeah yeah I know it sound boring. Some of you is probably thinking "DUDE! YOUR ARE STILL YOUNG, ENJOY YOUR LIFE OR EVEN BETTER GET A LIFE!" haha.. I am living my life here. I am living it my own freaking ways :P

Oh well this is some of the things that I am thinking of doing over the holiday

1) Get my car license,I only have license for motorcycle right know. I got to go to my aunt house in order to do this because I am taking the JPJ test over there (plus not to mention she is the one that paid for my driving classes :P My father want to pay for it actually, but she insist on doing so)

2) Eat as much as I can! Yeah! To be more accurate I want to increase my weight as much as possible. I am not really underweight right now, but being able to put on some more weight would be nice

3)Exercise! I want to gain back my lost muscle, especially my leg muscle. Since I am here in UiTM Alor Gajah I have not really exercise that much. Maybe I try to develop my arms muscle too while at it. Thank god I already have a six pack so there is not much work to be done on that section. But it is a little weird having six pack with a skinny body.. hmm.. I need to try to have a look at some of those weight increase product.

4) Get 100++ Followers! I got to study successful blogger styles in order to find out how they manage to get so many followers. This is also a good practice to ensure my writing skill did not get rusty I guess.

5)Work my ass off! Well not really, not till "ass off'", it's er... well you get my point. There is one thing I absolutely detest when I am here during my foundation year. Even at the mention of that word turns me flabbergasted all over :P The word is "penniless". That right! I hate not having any money to spend. So I am going to work and gather as much money as possible to ensure my money spending is a breeze during my degree years hehe..

6)Travel all over Malaysia by myself! The Malay word is "merantau". But this goal is rather optional really. I am still thinking about this. If I manage to get my old folks permission and get enough budget for it I would love to do it. It would be a great test of my courage and would mature me even more

That is all that I can think for now. I might have some other goals but not as big as the six goals over here. Hmm.. Half a year is really long time isn't it?

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