Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Story Of A Perfectionist

Perfection can’t be demand from things.. 
Those kind of things is a fool dreams.. 
Which hardly exist in the real world.. 
Trying to mend every flaws in everything you have.. 
Is like demanding perfection in everything you have.. .. 
Which is near to impossible..
Flaws will continue to exist as long as you exist.. 
Because it is the test from the lord himself.. 
You have choices in life.. 
Choose well and decide carefully of your every action.. 
Nothing can be perfect.. 
Not everything is in your control.. 
If you can accept things the way they are.. 
And work hard with it never the less.. 
And learn to never give up.. 
You will realize your effort is the perfection.. 
That you have been seeking your entire life..

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