Monday, April 25, 2011

My first attempt of writting a short story

The first short story that I ever wrote. Check it up and leave a comment if you got one ok guys..

The Promise
Written by : Ben Frankenstein@Muhammad Syafiq

The waiter place the glass of coke on my table. I just watch the bubbles rise and pop in the glass. It hit me that human life sometimes can be compare like the bubbles in the glass. Short and temporary. More reason the live our live to the fullest I guess... Something that I just cannot seem to do during the moment.

I watch the other customers at the fast food restaurant. Most of them is enjoying their meal with their family or friends. Being the only customer that is sitting all by himself in the restaurant make me feel a bit out of place. Not to mention I'm the only one that is not eating anything there. The truth behind that is I'm actually just waiting for someone there. I just order the coke to pass the time. I still remember the frown on the waiter face when I placed my order. Whatever. I am still a customers and I reserve the right to be treat like any other customers. It is not like they did not gain any profit from it. Another reason for that is I'm practically broke at the moment. Getting fired a few weeks before is starting to hit me. Hard.

I shift my foot relentlessly. She is late. As always. I can actually count the number of time she had been punctual in during our entire dating history. I gaze at the large crowd that is walking pass the restaurant. Searching for her familiar face in the crowd that massive prove to be near impossible. Sighing in the process I revert my attention to the glass of coke again. "Where could she possibly be?" that thought cross my mind. The waiters are beginning to give me such an odd stare. "Bloody hell" I curse in my mind. I cannot take this any longer. I am just about to leave the god forsaken restaurant when she finally arrive. I was expecting some sort of apology or something but she say is "leaving already?". Typical. Her usual I could not care less attitude. The strange thing is I never could let out my anger to her. Something about her face. One look at it and I will forget all the thing that I am about to say. I know it sound a bit cliche. That kind of statement is possibly already used by hundred of guys out there but hey.. here I am. A living proof that this kind of guy exist. "Yeah.." I reply, "Lets just find some other place to talk okay, the waiters are giving me the creeps" I reply once more. "Okay then, whatever suits you" she said.

We walk slowly past the park. Both of us are not talking to each other. Another typical date between us really. We are just not that talkative like any other couple. I watch the other couples at the park. A lot of them seem to be happy with each other presents. Chit chating, having picnic and a lot of other activities that you can imagine couples would do. "Hey... My mom ask about us again last night" the sound her voice breaking the silence. "Really? what did she ask?" I reply. "The usual, when we will hold the wedding" She answer. Crap. I know that good for nothing future mother in law of mine will bring up this bloody topic again. As if I do not have enough on my plate right now. "What did you say to her then?" I ask her. "I just say that we are not really that ready, you know, that we still need to get our other priorities straight first" she reply.

To be frank that is a good answer really.. But I know that is not really what she have in her mind. All I can do is just sigh. I have been avoiding our weeding as our topic of conversation ever since my pathetic excuse for a boss fired me. I secretly cross my finger and hope that that stupid law firm will be bankrupt one day. I look at her face. That serene and innocent face. I know that she does not really wish for a grand wedding or some sort. All she want is to be my wife. I know that her love towards me is pure and honest. But.. huh.. there are always a but. I am the one that want a grand wedding for both us. That is the least that I can do to ever repay her love towards me."Listen, give me some more time time okay, I promise okay.. I will try to sort this mess up, I find another job, one with an even better pay" that is all that I can say to reassure her even though deep inside I am already crying from guilt. The guilt of my inability  to be a better man for her. " For god sake you listen to me!" she reply. "I do not know why you keep on insisting to hold a grand wedding for both of us! You know all I want is to be with you, I do not care if our wedding is nothing more than a simple one. All I want to be legally yours so I can proudly claim that I am your wife. You should have known me better. I could not have care less for all to fancy wedding dinner for 1000 people or what so ever. A small weeding attend by our friends and family is more than enough for me... don't you get it? All I want is to be with you.." she retort. I try to look at her face. There is tears in her eyes now. Again I am lost for words. What did I ever do to deserve a girl like her. "At least.. At least.. At least let me get you a decent ring" I let those word out with much struggle. She look at me. I can tell that she is going to object so I quickly continue my sentence " Please.. at least let me do this for you, please.. just this once..". She continue to look at me and at last.. with much hardship.. she nod her head..

To be continue..
When I am in the mood to write some cheesy love story again :P

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