Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Hostile Feeling...

Feeling hostile all of the sudden. Maybe I'm just tired or something. Better get some shut eye before I snap at anybody for no apparent reason. If I already do please forgive me. Just ignore me and contact me back tomorrow is you want to. Reason for the stress? Sore body mate. My work is harsh on the body. It is not one of those survivor camp and what so ever kind of tiredness. This is real life and real hard work. I should have known better then to let the work stress get the best of me. The truth is it is better if I just ignore the feeling. I among all people should know better how stress could effect our judgement and the people around us. I have seen and I have know... Again If I hurt anybody feeling forgive me.. Being mature all the time isn't easy, you should know this too.

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