Monday, April 25, 2011

Writting a long post is starting to become a habit of mine -_-"

The truth is I don't really update my blog much in term of content. In fact I change and edit my blog template WAY much more often than that! Hmm.. Actually it is a good thing that that I only regularly update my blog because when I do the post would usually be really looooooooooooooong. Anyway I am writing on a new project right now. I think I finish it in a few more days. I have to juggle between my work so the time for writing is actually pretty scarce this days. By the way, how do you like the new Facebook comment and like button on my blog? I managed to put it there with the help my dude Saiful Hakim :) It actually quite easy to do. Maybe I blog a tutorial on how to do it in the future. Most of the tutorial that I found on the internet is pretty outdated. That is for now I guess. Wait for my upcoming work yaw~

Playlist that I listen to while writing:
Coldrain -  Hallow
Coldrain - Rescue Me
Coldrain - To Be Alive

This band is rather good actually. To me they sound like the heavier version of Breaking Benjamin. Search them up if you got the chance. Here is their pic that I found on the net.

I forgot to mention that this band is from Japan. Their vocalist is a mix of Japan and America I think. Explain why he didn't look that Asian.

Here I include the music video for their song rescue me

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