Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hannah and Ben Episode 1: The Relationship Between A Squirel and A Pizza

Me and my twin sister Alia are a bit famish just now so we decided to order up some pizza. We hit the net to look up the the menu at the pizzahut site. The following conversation occur when we are about to order the pizza via the phone.

Note: The following conversation occur in the mother tongue of this two insane sibling which is Bahasa Malaysia.

Mr. Ben: Hannah (Nickname adik aku) bagi no telefon pizzahut tu

Hannah: Ok jap eh, ok 1 300..

Mr. Ben: 1 300.. (sambil mendail telefon)

Hannah: 88..

Mr. Ben: 88..

Hannah: tupai tupai

Mr Ben: Tupai mana lak datang malam-malam buta ni, cepat la skit bagi no tu

Hannah: Tu la no dia, tupai tupai!

Mr.Ben: Adeh budak ni, hah! Mana tupai tu?!

Hannah: Adeeeeeei! Wei, betul la aku kata TWO FIVE TWO FIVE, 2525, yang ko pergi dengar tupai-tupai asal!

Mr.Ben: ....

Itu sahaja slot sitcom Ben and Hannah untuk hari ini, see you next time :P

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