Friday, June 10, 2011

The diference between Romeo and me

Romeo and Juliet.. Some people call it the ultimate love story, others call it a piece of trash written by Shakespeare when he is suffering from a hangover. What ever your stand in this love story about this star-crossed lovers there is one thing that I am certain. 

I am ain't no Romeo guys.. Not now and not ever
An 1870 oil painting by Ford Madox Brown depicting Romeo and Juliet's famous balcony scene
You know.. some girls without any hesitation claim that their respective boyfriend is their Romeo. The so call perfect lover. Let me tell you something. Having a lover like Romeo is not a dream comes true, it is a tragedy.. Why do you ask? Read my reasons below..
Reason 1 : To betray your love one

Do you know that Romeo first lover is not Juliet? Instead it is Juliet cousin named Rosaline. Apparently he is in some sort of quarrel with Rosaline. When he finally decided to make up with Rosaline he attend a ball held at Juliet family house hopping to meet her there. That is when he met Juliet for the first time. Upon seeing her face he forgot all about his love towards Rosaline. And Juliet for some odd reason accept Romeo's love even though knowing he is her cousin lover.

I can't do that. To forget my love ones(If I even have one) and simply fall in love that easily with some other people. Call me an old-school but I do believe in loyalty towards your love one. Neither can I be like Juliet in this case. How can you be happy in some else sorrow? I don't know how Rosaline would really feel.. To have your love ones snatched away by other people.. The pain in her heart must be excruciating..

Reason 2 : Sickening unnecessary sacrifice
I forgot how many people die in Romeo and Juliet. It is quite a number I believe. All those sacrifice.. It is not love between Rome and Juliet. It had to be pure obsession for them to even allow it to happen. How can you simply watch your family and friends suffer, all for the name of love? To make it worse they could avoid the whole thing if they just be honest with their family in the first place.

I can't deny that human do crazy things in the name "love".... I also agree that true love require sacrifice to blossom well.. But there have to be some limit to it guys. How can't you be that selfish? All those people.. The might have a love one of their own who care for them. You are not the only people that fall in love in this world. Bear that in mind.

Reason 3 : Where is their religious believe?
It is a well know fact I guess that both Romeo and Juliet perform suicide at the end of the story. It is a westerner perceptive of a beautiful tragedy. Two  star-cross'd lovers who can't be together die so they can be together in the afterlife. You wish.. In hell maybe. As far as I know all religions in this world condemn suicide for what ever reasons. Keep in your mind if  Romeo and Juliet is a true story.. both of them are rotting in hell right now. Let's see how your so call power of love will save you from the eternal inferno flame..

I know I am not perfect.. I been strayed away from my lord teaching a few times in my relationship. Nothing serious really happen.. Yet I still have my regret about that... It still come back to haunt me sometimes... Seorang wanita boleh membuatkan seorang lelaki menjadi buta.. Tapi Allah juga yang maha penyayang.. Dia juga yang tahu betapa sengsaranya hatiku cuba kembali kepada ajarannya.. Sesuatu yang hampir aku lupa kerana kemaruk nikmat dunia.. Mungkin hati ku buta buat sementara waktu.. Alhamdulilah aku kini telah boleh melihat yang mana benar yang mana salah kembali.. Insyaallah.. aku akan kekal begini dengan sedaya upaya ku.. Kerana aku tahu.. tuhan tidak pernah lupa akan hambanya..

Huh.. I had to put that sentence in Malay because I am a bit afraid that I will not be able to convey the true meaning in English. Sue me OK, I am still learning :P 

Wow.. This turn out to be quite some topic huh? Till next time then guys :)

May you all ways stay in the lord path..

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