Friday, July 15, 2011

The September to comes.. My hopes and worries

A truckload of my friends make a post about their respective result for their universities application.. and not wanting to be left out I just have to post one too ><

Haha.. so you guys want to know which university that accept my application?

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 To sum it up this is the course that I got


So am I happy? You bet! Alhamdulilah.. All my effort is now worth it..But I have my worries too.. Entering a degree program would mark as a huge transition in my live. But at least something is clear to me now. My future will be something related to education. Whether I will become a teacher, a lecturer or a politician is still unclear to me though. Lets just hope and work my hardest and pray to Allah.. that there will be a bright future ahead of me.

Some of my friends ask me why I choose UiTM though. They said there are a lot other universities that are way waaaaaay better than UiTM. To me it doesn't really matter where you study really... What important is you are willing to work your ass off to achieve your desire. You could be studying at a top rated university but if you are not willing to work hard it is just plain useless. Another reason why I choose UiTM is it all in English syllabus. It is one of the most important thing that set UiTM apart from other universities. Since I am taking TESL it would actually be pretty nice to have an English speaking communities around me.

One thing still worry me though. My twin sister Alia (or Hannah as I call her in this blog) manage to get a spot at University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) in the Economic course. What if we are both require to register at the same date this September? That mean I will have to go and register myself in Shah Alam all by myself.. But I don't really mind though. It would be a good chance to test my courage anyway :)

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Faraheen Hazirah said...

good luck! ala, g register sorg2 pon ok je.. fain dh bese dh register sendiri. haha

Mr. Ben Franky said...

Thanks! Syafiq ingat nak buat mcm tu la nanti

ps: sorry banyak sangat langgar hukum grammar dan typo dlm post ni, dok main taip laju2 je td :P

Fiery Phoenix said...

kalau aku jadik miss siti dah lama post kau bertanda merah sana sini :P

weh, daftar la sendiri.. anak lelaki sulung kot.. biaq mak ayah hantar Alia. kalau kau dtg daftar sendiri aku berbangga kot.. and, camne ko nak hangkut barang ?

Mr. Ben Franky said...

Weeeek :P Aku bawak barang cukup2 nak guna je kot, apa yg blh beli kat sana aku beli kat sana, setakat bawak baju dan benda2 penting je la


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