Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Noodle Station!

This story happen during one fateful Deepavali holiday.. Note that the words in brackets is the meaning of the words in the Kelantanese accent ^^

"Hey, I'm bored.. lets get something to eat at Plaza Alam Sentral!" So a roommate of mine Sidi say. As I'm wearing a headphone at that time I just continue to watch a movie on my laptop while ignoring him.

"Nate Mu Ben! (Damn you Ben!) Dude! Do you get me?! I'm bored man! Lets get something to eat!"

"Huh? Gapo? (What?) You want to go surfing?" I say when I finally realize he was talking to me.

"I said lets get something to eat! I'm bored as hell over here!" Reply Sidi.

"Huh.. Sure sure.. Where do you want to go? Plaza Alam Sentral? Lets ask Wan, Bahri and Din if they want to follow us too." Finally I agree with him just to shut his mouth.

"Bereh boh! (Roger that!)" He reply happily.Sometimes I just think his massive gigantic body just do not go that well with his happy go lucky attitude -.-"

Half an hour later.. 

The sound of a lot of boys taking shower in a rush and one boy is ironing his hair with a hair iron.. Huh? Ironing his hair? Oh wait, that is me -.-" Yeah I just got myself a hair iron. Make it easier for me to do my hair without the hassle of combing it for hours like I used to :P

So me, Sidi, Bahri, and Din and Wan board U80 Rapid bus heading to PKNS. When we got there we face one important problem.. where the hell are we suppose to eat? -.-" So being a democratic friends we are we settle it in the most "democratic" way. We take a vote.

Me : "I vote for Pizza Hut" Due to the fact it been such a long time since I had some.

Bahri : "Mine goes to KFC'

Din : "How about the Chicken Rice Shop? I want to eat some rice lah"

Wan : "Why don't we try eating at noodle station instead? The noodle there looks good."

Sidi : "Agree with Wan, lets try the noodle station"

Ok.. So my suggestion is outvoted by Noodle station -.-" So we have to head to SACC Mall instead because that is where Noodle Station is located.

But I don't regret it at all. Because the noodle over there is god damn good! Seriously!

Mine is suppose to be Springy Noodle with Tempura Prawn. Cost me RM13 but it is worth every single cent!
We are to busy digging into our meal that the rest of the boys finish their noodle before I could snap a picture of theirs -.-"

Sidi and Din order Coca-cola. But in this kind of glass it looks a lot like of those Carlsberg beers -.-"
I got myself a chocolate milkshake. Wan got himself an Ice Lemon Honey Tea. Again in this kind of glass it looks like some sort of Tequila -.-"
So that conclude for today post! I got myself a Grammar Tree Diagram topic to study. Damn! I hate you Linguistic!

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