Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Men and Women Cant be friends (The friendzone Theory)

I found this video at Pauline blog. 

Yeah sure.. a random interview conduct at a library provide proof that is concrete enough to explain the so call "friendzone" theory -.-" You guys should take a peek a this video anyway. It does provide some rather interesting fact regarding this friendzone stuff. Leave a comment if you got one!

Yeah yeah... what ever make you happy dude -.-"

2 people got something to say:

SHer@ FaUzi said...

friend-zone does not exist?? then wht does tht make me?? cuz my guy bestfren like this other girl, and i like this other guy. doesn't tht makes my bestfren and i just fren?

Ben Frankenstein said...

haha... biasanya laki yg kena friendzone nih :P it exist alright, it just that i don't think this research is concrete enough that's all =)


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