Saturday, December 22, 2012

The fools and the ugly truth

Been a bit down lately. Not really the sort of thing that you ought to be feelings when you are in the last week of the semester. Thank god now it is over. It is hard to imagine how I even managed to survive all the tests, assignment submissions, replacement classes and one particular fool in just one week.

You see I had just finished a presentation of mine for one particular subject. All of the sudden the lecturer said to me that she is not happy with my presentation and I had to take a test to improve my marks. This upsets me a little bit. She said our presentation is not good enough because there are sooooooo many graphs but only two recommendations and conclusions. We had our reasons for doing that. And to make it worse she agreed with us before when we showed her our draft only to disagree during the presentation!

Here is the reason why there are only two conclusions and recommendations.

1) She said before during our classes we only need to put the important part of our report into the presentation. So since our conclusions and recommendations is more or less the same we can summarize most of them into just two. And she agreed with us when we showed her.

2) This one is going to be a bit difficult to explain. You see even though we have a lot of graphs in our presentation we only have a few questioner questions.. Why is that you may ask? Because there is only a question but it required us to do a multiple graphs.

Here is an example of the question.

Rate the following organization into your preferred choices of ranking from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

And here is an example of the answers by multiple respondents.

The only way we can analyze a question of this nature is by making a graph of each aspect (Student bodies, faculty, universities, private sector and government sectors). So for this question alone we will have 5 graphs... But does that mean we will have 5 conclusions and recommendations? HELL NO! One question is one question. One question only has one objective. We only need to make one conclusion and recommendation that is the overall of the five graphs.

And she agreed with us when we show the draft to her earlier.

Now you see and understand why I am so pissed off. How come you agreed with something and then disagreed with it all of the sudden? If what we did was wrong why didn't you correct us earlier when we showed you the draft? That is the function of the draft! It is so you can correct us if we did something wrong to avoid us from doing it in the real assignment.

As for the test I miss the test before due to a high fever and she refuses to let me take the test because according to her she already key in the mark in the system. I begged her multiple number of times but all her answers had been a big "NO!". So how come now it is okay to take the test? Doesn't this contradict all the things she said to me before?

I had no problem with taking the test. It is a really good chance for me to improve my marks. But she pissed me off again when she refused to give my classmates their test paper simply because I'm taking the test. This is unfair to my classmates.

So in order to make it up to my friends I apologize to classmates for what happen and said I don't understand my her lecturer of what she did.

You want to know what happen next? All of the sudden there is a particular fool who said I'm bad mouthing my lecturer. All I said is "I don't understand her" -..-" does that sound like badmouthing someone to you? And the fools said what my lecturer did was the right thing despite all the evidences saying she is wrong.

You want to know what the other reason that make you a complete fool? Someone who does not understand the true story but still want to talk loudly like you understand it?

It is the true reason of my lecturer forcing me to take the test.

Turn out my lecturer has no power to ban a student from taking a test. Thus she had to make me take the test no matter what in the end. When I take the test the room is filled with people who is in an almost similar situation with myself. According to my seniors she did this nearly every freaking semester!  She will blame the student for something in the classrooms (Usually something that involves our carry mark) and then said to the student she will give the student a second chance to improve the student mark by taking the test! Not allowing a student to take the test is her way to punish students whose skip her class or repeatedly coming late to her classes....

It just so happens I'm the unlucky guy this semester.... T_T Good grief... I don't believe such lecturer even exist in this world.

So now you finally understand why she blames our presentation group for something that we already consulted her on and she herself already agreed on? And why it pissed me off so much? I hope so.

Fools... Fools everywhere... Dear readers take an advise from me, know the true story or situation before talking about it. It would make the world a much better place and you can avoid yourself from becoming a complete fool.

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Fiery Phoenix said...

my 3rd lang. lecturer didnt allow me to take the third oral test when i begged her for an extension of time. she made all our classes and tests damn advanced and she finished everything by November. on December we had no class already. she's pregnant, she said she's gonna give birth on december thats why dia awalkan semua kelas and tests tak ikut jadual yg dikeluarkan oleh fakulti. but it turns out later (she told a classmate of mine) dia sebenarnya due date bulan 1. thats unfair jugak, IMO.


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