Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tons of Updates

Life, Love and Death..

Shesh.. I don't even know where to start. There are just way to many things going on in my life right now. Come to think about it, it been sometimes since I actually update this blog am I? Haha.. Pardon me but I think I am getting a bit rusty in this blogging area :P Oh well.. Allow to me give you guys a brief overview of things that recently happen to me =D

Hmmm.. where should I start.. ok maybe I go with the death of my beloved grandmother.. Huh.. today is already the 9th day of her passing away I think. Some of you may already know these but actually I am raised my grandmother instead of my parents. As a matter a fact I only start to live with my parents only when I already reached the age of 18 years old. So do I love her? You bet.. She is almost like a real mother to me.. I even call "mak" for god sake. It pain me to know that she already move on to the other side.. But it is time I guess. 

Maybe that is what best for her... She actually been suffering from stroke for a few years already. Our family been reciting Tahlil for seven days straight starting from the day that she is buried. After that we will continue to recite it every Friday until it is the 40th day of her death.. Grandma.. I hope you are doing well on the other side.. You guys want to know something? She actually give me a ring before she pass away.. It is suppose to be gold ring I think. But she told my aunty to go and exchange it  with a ring that is suitable for a man to wear at any jewelry store because you know, the fact that man can not wear gold -.-" . My aunty exchange it with a silver ring with a red ruby for the stone. It cost around RM 250 something I think. Here is a pic of that ring. 

Promise myself to take a real good care of this one..
On the second note, I recently involve in the Debat Bahasa Melayu 211 Jam Tanpa Henti (UiTM & Utusan Malaysia) as one of the committee. I am one of the Biro debat =) My bureau is responsible to handle everything that is related to the debat such as getting the participant on time, handling the clinic, and team switching during the debat =) Only one word can describe this event : GOD DAMN HECTIC! Okay fine that are three words -.-" But if you want to know most of the committee members is either half dead or at the brink of extinction when the program is finally finish -.-" Here is a few memorable pics during that event =D

This is when the committee made it at the front page of Utusan, can you locate me in that picture?
When I met Kak Ana Rafalli the famous singer! She also happen to be my TESL senior =D
When I met Noh Hujan! He actually signed my acoustic guitar =D
Well you can say that this event bring a thousand memories in my heart.. not matter how it almost drive the committee to near extinction ;) 

and for the last note..

I am going to have to treat a lot a people MacDonald for letting this happen -.-" You guys still remember my personal bet with my friends about how I promise myself that if I have a girlfriend before I enter semester 5 I will have to treat them McD? Well.. how I should I put this.. er.. an Angel fell from the sky -.-" haha.. Okay that is one cheesy metaphor to explain the situation that I am in right now. Okay.. I guess.. I finally open my heart to a girl once more.. er.. Do you get the idea? Okay fine! I finally have a girlfriend again after such a long time! Happy?? -.-"

It is a funny story how we met really. Some of our friends call our story sweet. Well perhaps it is a bit sweet haha.. -.-" It happen during the debat 211 event. She is one of the students that volunteer to become the "Tuan Yang Dipertua Dewan" during that event. I am speechless really when I saw her for the first time. It almost like a movie.. You know the part of the movie where the guy notice the girl across the crowded dance floor at a party? Well mine is how I notice her across the crowded debat hall  at a debat event -.-" What to make it even more funnier I actually just finish my shift at that time and I am dead hungry. So there I was eating a cup of instant noodle when I notice her haha.. -.-" True story mate. She notice me too at that time actually. But she left before I can actually ask what is her name.. Somehow I have a small hope inside me that this is not our last metting..

You know what happen next? A few days later she add me on Facebook. How on earth did she found my account I had no idea. But I am glad.. and I finally know her name =D It is Anis Amirah Ammar Affandi. It is a really long name, I know that -.-" So I had a small chat with her online. But I am still a bit awkward with her really that time. A few day latter I met her again after Bunkface and Hujan concert. I smile at her at that time and that pretty much it I guess. We met for the third time during the closing ceremony of "Debat 211 Jam". She is surround by her friends at that time.. So asking for her number directly is pretty much suicide -.-" What I do at that time is I ask one of my female senior, Kak Nad to go and get it from her haha.. She ask Kak Nad who is the one that ask for her number? Kak Nad just smile ask simply tell her that I am a good guy and everything without exposing my name haha.. -.-" Later she try to ask one of my male senior brother Muhi regarding who is the one that ask for her number. But actually Muhi is on the same team with me really. He encourage her to get to know me and again without exposing my name :P God.. I think owe this two seniors for lifetime for helping me getting to know her. 

That night I try to text her by sending her salam... But she did not reply it until the next morning -.-" Guess she is already asleep when I text her that night. She reply my salam and ask me who I really am. So I finally told her my name and everything and she is quite surprise really when she found out who I am. We keep on texting for a few day and you want to know something? She actually been secretly watching me too during the "Debat 211 Jam"! So you can say that we had been watching each other without any of us realizing it for quite sometimes now! And after knowing that.. everything went easy I guess :D She finally accept my feeling after a few day.. Starting from that moment on we are officially in relationship I guess.. and here is a pic of my girl ;)

She is a cute one right? hehe.. -.-"
   And there you have it, the three most important events that happen to me.. I experience a great loss.. it give me pain.. and at the same time I am happy with the direction that my life take me.. I am happy now=)


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