Saturday, August 13, 2011

About Me

Assalamualaikum and whaddup there

So my name is ... guess what? I am not going to give you my real name :P But some of you may already know what it is anyway.

Out here on the net and especially at this blog I am commonly known as Ben Frankenstein. Why Ben Frankenstein you may ask? Well I consider it some sort of an alter ego when I am writing. You know.. some people are not that comfortable writing using their own name in public. Beside it kind of add the air of mystery to me don't you think? haha.. ( kepada mereka yang tak kenal saya la, kalau dah kenal tu tak der kerjanya nak rasa misteri ni -.-" )

The truth is the nickname got a little bit of history behind it.

Actually I got the nickname Ben somewhere around 2010. At that time I am taking The Foundation In Education [Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)] at the Melaka branch of Universiti Teknologi Mara. In Melaka there are two campuses, the Melaka City Kampus and the Alor Gajah campus (The Alor Gajah campus more commonly known as KAG). So my campus is the KAG. One thing about KAG is the seniors there got this er... unique maybe? Well they got unique tradition to give a bunch of absurd and random nickname to their juniors. Mine is supposed to be Bentan -.-" It actually stand for Ben 10 versi Kelantan. Up until now I am still dumfounded what kind of similarity did they see between me and that cartoon character Ben 10 actually -.-" Anyway that Bentan name is a mouthful for my friend to pronounce at that time so most of them shorten it up to Ben. As for the Frankenstein part er.. well I was sitting for my semester 1 final exam at that time and a question about Benjamin Franklin came up. It hit me that Franklin and Frankenstein  sound a little bit the same. So thus.. I created the Ben Frankenstein identity. 

So most of you probaly already figure out from that nickname that I am pure Kelantanese. Yeah yeah.. don't fuss me about those "I heard the Kelantanese man is all some sort of gangster, is it true?" type of question. Listen.. I don't know where the hell did you get that ideas but not all Kelantanese people is like that you know.. I barely been involve in any sort of fight in my entire life! So grow up will you.. I am also an ordinary human being and like you I am also proud to be a Malaysian :)

I am currently studying at UiTM Shah Alam in the Bachelor of Education (Hons) Teaching English as a Second Language course. Yeah.. I am taking an education based course. Some of you maybe wondering whether I am really serious in becoming an educator. Well to be frank I think it is pretty cool line of work really. You know there are rarely a line of works were we can really influence other people to be something much more than what they already are. An educator do that sort of things I guess. You know what i mean, by influencing their students to excel further. Don't ask me whether I want to be a teacher or a lecturer. I will just work my ass off and let my fate do the talking ( but a lecturer sound waaaaaaaaaay much cooler I think )

Now we goes to the big question

Yeeeeeah.... rasanya tak cukup besar lagi tu -.-" Lets try one more time 


Nampak lebih kurang sama je besar dia -.-" Haish.. Nevermind.

Well like most of the young people this day I have the need of expressing myself. Yeah I know it sound a bit cliche but it is the truth anyway. This blog help me to do it. Mostly I blog about my point of view when it comes to relationship and religion but I do blog about something else sometimes. You know.. stuff like the random updates of my life and a bunch of other stuff. I try my best to write my post as entertaining as possible so my reader don't get bored :) If you got any suggestion to improve my writing feel free to speak it up! I am open to suggestion yaw~

If you like my blog feel free to follow me and drop your link in the chat box! I will try my best to check it ALL!


Do not force me to follow your blog..
It is one of the blogger attitude that I DETEST the most. If your blog and writing is interesting you don't have to force me to follow you. I will gladly do so at my own free will. Forcing other people to follow you is not the right way to gather your follower. You might as well focus on improving your writing than to be involve in something that useless!

But do feel free to leave your link in the chatbox ok :) Who knows maybe I think your blog is interesting and I will follow it XD

That is all I guess.. Oh! One more thing.
I hope you guys enjoy my blog :) Happy reading yaw~

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