Saturday, July 2, 2011

How do you know if the man in your life have a hidden feminine side?

You know.. there are some feminine side in men. Of course the the amount of it differ among men. But there is always some. It's a side where most men hide of course. Us guys are just way to egoistic to admit that we might actually have some feminine side in our self :P

But there are however a simple test if you want to find out if your husband, fiance, or boyfriend have some feminine side in them.
All you need to do is ask them to check their fingernails!

I know.. I know.. some of you must been wondering what the heck does his fingernails got to do with his feminine side? Well the answer is simple really.

Does your man check his nail like this?
Picture 1

or perhaps like this?
Picture 2
 Finish asking them to check their fingernails?
Now here is the trick!

If your man check his fingernails like the one in picture 1 he is downright masculine alright. He will rarely display any kind of weakness towards you. He also will be having a hard time sharing his feeling towards you. He might also be the easily angry type. Getting his attention might be a bit hard. Even if you express your feelings or problems toward him the fat chance are he will be having a hard time understanding them. This is not conclude to all masculine however. There are some that don't do the the stuff that I said above. But the figure is very small though.

Picture 2
If your man check his fingernails like the one in picture 2 however there are SOME part of him that is a bit feminine. This does not meant that your man is sissy or some sort. Perhaps he is a bit gentle inside from time to time. You can express your problem to him and expect him to understand. He will also have no problem doing the same to you. He might also trying way to hard to be romantic towards you. Some to the extend of being way to cheesy =_=" But it does not meant that he does have a masculine side. A man will be a man no matter what.. It just you won't be having much problem when it comes to sharing each other feeling with this kind of man. If I am correct most women would prefer this kind of man. You know.. the kind that is gentle and sweet from time to time.Not always though.

So now that you know the trick you can easily check if your man is more masculine or feminine!
PS: The first time I took this test I found out that I have a bit of feminine side in me =_="

4 people got something to say:

Lisa said... man definitely checked out his nails like in pic 2.=.='

Mr. Ben Franky said...

Lucky you then! It's hard to find a guy like that you know

Lisa said...

o yeke?ada2 je ur posts.kdg2 trgelak sendiri bla baca.>.< bgus...bgus...g'job...

Mr. Ben Franky said...

Haha.. I try my best to write my post as entertaining as possible, thanks for the visit :)


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