Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tons of Updates

Life, Love and Death..

Shesh.. I don't even know where to start. There are just way to many things going on in my life right now. Come to think about it, it been sometimes since I actually update this blog am I? Haha.. Pardon me but I think I am getting a bit rusty in this blogging area :P Oh well.. Allow to me give you guys a brief overview of things that recently happen to me =D

Hmmm.. where should I start.. ok maybe I go with the death of my beloved grandmother.. Huh.. today is already the 9th day of her passing away I think. Some of you may already know these but actually I am raised my grandmother instead of my parents. As a matter a fact I only start to live with my parents only when I already reached the age of 18 years old. So do I love her? You bet.. She is almost like a real mother to me.. I even call "mak" for god sake. It pain me to know that she already move on to the other side.. But it is time I guess. 

Maybe that is what best for her... She actually been suffering from stroke for a few years already. Our family been reciting Tahlil for seven days straight starting from the day that she is buried. After that we will continue to recite it every Friday until it is the 40th day of her death.. Grandma.. I hope you are doing well on the other side.. You guys want to know something? She actually give me a ring before she pass away.. It is suppose to be gold ring I think. But she told my aunty to go and exchange it  with a ring that is suitable for a man to wear at any jewelry store because you know, the fact that man can not wear gold -.-" . My aunty exchange it with a silver ring with a red ruby for the stone. It cost around RM 250 something I think. Here is a pic of that ring. 

Promise myself to take a real good care of this one..
On the second note, I recently involve in the Debat Bahasa Melayu 211 Jam Tanpa Henti (UiTM & Utusan Malaysia) as one of the committee. I am one of the Biro debat =) My bureau is responsible to handle everything that is related to the debat such as getting the participant on time, handling the clinic, and team switching during the debat =) Only one word can describe this event : GOD DAMN HECTIC! Okay fine that are three words -.-" But if you want to know most of the committee members is either half dead or at the brink of extinction when the program is finally finish -.-" Here is a few memorable pics during that event =D

This is when the committee made it at the front page of Utusan, can you locate me in that picture?
When I met Kak Ana Rafalli the famous singer! She also happen to be my TESL senior =D
When I met Noh Hujan! He actually signed my acoustic guitar =D
Well you can say that this event bring a thousand memories in my heart.. not matter how it almost drive the committee to near extinction ;) 

and for the last note..

I am going to have to treat a lot a people MacDonald for letting this happen -.-" You guys still remember my personal bet with my friends about how I promise myself that if I have a girlfriend before I enter semester 5 I will have to treat them McD? Well.. how I should I put this.. er.. an Angel fell from the sky -.-" haha.. Okay that is one cheesy metaphor to explain the situation that I am in right now. Okay.. I guess.. I finally open my heart to a girl once more.. er.. Do you get the idea? Okay fine! I finally have a girlfriend again after such a long time! Happy?? -.-"

It is a funny story how we met really. Some of our friends call our story sweet. Well perhaps it is a bit sweet haha.. -.-" It happen during the debat 211 event. She is one of the students that volunteer to become the "Tuan Yang Dipertua Dewan" during that event. I am speechless really when I saw her for the first time. It almost like a movie.. You know the part of the movie where the guy notice the girl across the crowded dance floor at a party? Well mine is how I notice her across the crowded debat hall  at a debat event -.-" What to make it even more funnier I actually just finish my shift at that time and I am dead hungry. So there I was eating a cup of instant noodle when I notice her haha.. -.-" True story mate. She notice me too at that time actually. But she left before I can actually ask what is her name.. Somehow I have a small hope inside me that this is not our last metting..

You know what happen next? A few days later she add me on Facebook. How on earth did she found my account I had no idea. But I am glad.. and I finally know her name =D It is Anis Amirah Ammar Affandi. It is a really long name, I know that -.-" So I had a small chat with her online. But I am still a bit awkward with her really that time. A few day latter I met her again after Bunkface and Hujan concert. I smile at her at that time and that pretty much it I guess. We met for the third time during the closing ceremony of "Debat 211 Jam". She is surround by her friends at that time.. So asking for her number directly is pretty much suicide -.-" What I do at that time is I ask one of my female senior, Kak Nad to go and get it from her haha.. She ask Kak Nad who is the one that ask for her number? Kak Nad just smile ask simply tell her that I am a good guy and everything without exposing my name haha.. -.-" Later she try to ask one of my male senior brother Muhi regarding who is the one that ask for her number. But actually Muhi is on the same team with me really. He encourage her to get to know me and again without exposing my name :P God.. I think owe this two seniors for lifetime for helping me getting to know her. 

That night I try to text her by sending her salam... But she did not reply it until the next morning -.-" Guess she is already asleep when I text her that night. She reply my salam and ask me who I really am. So I finally told her my name and everything and she is quite surprise really when she found out who I am. We keep on texting for a few day and you want to know something? She actually been secretly watching me too during the "Debat 211 Jam"! So you can say that we had been watching each other without any of us realizing it for quite sometimes now! And after knowing that.. everything went easy I guess :D She finally accept my feeling after a few day.. Starting from that moment on we are officially in relationship I guess.. and here is a pic of my girl ;)

She is a cute one right? hehe.. -.-"
   And there you have it, the three most important events that happen to me.. I experience a great loss.. it give me pain.. and at the same time I am happy with the direction that my life take me.. I am happy now=)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Saving Life! ( Derma darah je Pun -.-" )

Hey there fellow blood suckers! So finally the long awaited post is finish! Yeah.. aku rasa ramai pun yang dah agak yang aku pergi derma darah hari tu haha.. -.-" apa? Tak boleh agak? Asal lampi sangat korang ni? -.-" Haha..  


Gambar bergaya ngan muka poyo sambil menderma -.-"
So sempena dengan hari keusahawanan fakulti pendidikan uitm shah alam, satu konvoi dari jabatan kesihatan malaysia telah singgah kat UiTM seksyen 17 ni untuk anjur kempen derma darah. Memandangkan aku ni pun dah memang lama tak derma darah so aku pun letak la memo dalam android kesayangan aku tu so tak mudah lupa nanti.

By the way, berapa ramai anda korang pernah dengar yang bila kita derma darah berat badan kita akan naik mendadak? Actually tu la yang menarik perhatian aku untuk derma darah sebenarnya haha.. -.-" Berat badan ku so far alhamdulilah la normal. Cuma kalau boleh aku nak la tambah berat lagi so lagi stabil.

So lepas kelas aku habis aku, Maryum skali ngan Dini pergi la pusing-pusing karnival keusahawanan tu kejap. Not bad la gak barang-barang yang dia orang jual. Tapi aku malas nak blog pasal tu sebab aku tau mesti ramai dah member aku yang pergi blog pasal tu. Lepas tu kita orang pergi discuss pasal presentation kita orang tu kejap. Sambil-sambil tu aku ngan Dini cuba la memujuk si Maryum yang sebenarnya tak berapa nak rela pergi derma darah so boleh ikut kita orang skali haha -.-"

Budak yang tak berapa nak rela yum :P
Dini Fareha, geng penghasut skali ngan aku haha,. -.-"
Pederma-penderma lain yang dah ada waktu kita orang sampai, bagus-bagus student UiTM nih, murah hati semua :)

Berat 57 KG, cer teka sape? :P

Dini waktu ngah check blood type dia, rasanya dia jenis A kalau tak silap aku
Yum yang tengah nervous waktu aku ngah check blood type aku, by the way aku jenis B :)
Yup, I got the B type :P
Yum waktu pendaftaran dia :) Dah tak nampak takot mana dah
Actually cuma aku ngan Yum je yang layak time tu. Dini pulak tak lepas sebab tak cukup tido time tu. Bukan sebab dia overweight tau! So nak tak nak dia jadi photographer tak berbayar kita orang la time tu :P

Budak perempuan siap dapat selimut lagi waktu nak derma tu, asal lelaki tak dapat lak? Muka aku muka ngade-ngade nak kena lempang sebab tak puas hati haha -.-"
Kita orang dapat buku merah yang tanda berapa kali kita orang dah pergi derma. Ni first time yum pergi derma actually, aku lak dah second time.
Muka-muka happy sebelum kena cucuk dengan jarum -.-" Pastu terus berkerut haha..
Aku dah kena cucuk -.-" Nurse tu suruh aku pegang batang paip tu untuk pastikan darah aku berjalan
Darah aku ngah mengalir keluar :P Nasib baik la aku tak takot darah haha..
A closer view..
Sempat ber "chilling out" waktu ngah derma tu -.-"

Posing sambil memegang darah sendiri -.-" Macam sirap tak bancuh je aku tengok darah tu, terliur pulak aku tengok, OMG nak jadi vampire ke apa aku nih -.-
Alat-alat yang digunakan dalam proses menderma
Muka Yum yang dah tak takot darah dah lepas derma :) You Go Girl!
Dayang and the gang datang wat kecoh lepas aku habis derma :P
Muka aku ngan Yum pucat sebab darah dah kena sedut, muka Dini je ader kaler :P
Rupa-rupanya Naqi ngan Gijie pun ada skali time derma ni
Yum posing with the medicine given to us

Nurse tu bagi zat besi ngan vitamin kat kita orang so darah kita orang boleh ganti dengan elok :)
Kita orang gak dapat sijil, air kotak dan roti ngan FREE! Korang ada? tak der kan? kekekeke.. :P
Dayang ni pun nak menge"test" berani derma darah :P

Lina dan er... tu Elsy kan? -.-" Sempat jelir lidah lagi ko
 And that conclude today post, korang tau tak, best rupanya tolong orang ni yer :) So rajin-rajin la gi derma darah semua!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saving Life.. (Teaser)

You want to hear the story about how I save a person life?


That you will have to wait XD

Because this is just a freaking teaser of that post!

But one thing I can say about it...

Much blood had been spilled today..
Blood! Blood! Blood!
Ok ayat nak bajet emo -.-"

So look foward to that post ok :)

Ps: First I have to tackle this truckload of assignments in front of me @_@

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Noodle Station!

This story happen during one fateful Deepavali holiday.. Note that the words in brackets is the meaning of the words in the Kelantanese accent ^^

"Hey, I'm bored.. lets get something to eat at Plaza Alam Sentral!" So a roommate of mine Sidi say. As I'm wearing a headphone at that time I just continue to watch a movie on my laptop while ignoring him.

"Nate Mu Ben! (Damn you Ben!) Dude! Do you get me?! I'm bored man! Lets get something to eat!"

"Huh? Gapo? (What?) You want to go surfing?" I say when I finally realize he was talking to me.

"I said lets get something to eat! I'm bored as hell over here!" Reply Sidi.

"Huh.. Sure sure.. Where do you want to go? Plaza Alam Sentral? Lets ask Wan, Bahri and Din if they want to follow us too." Finally I agree with him just to shut his mouth.

"Bereh boh! (Roger that!)" He reply happily.Sometimes I just think his massive gigantic body just do not go that well with his happy go lucky attitude -.-"

Half an hour later.. 

The sound of a lot of boys taking shower in a rush and one boy is ironing his hair with a hair iron.. Huh? Ironing his hair? Oh wait, that is me -.-" Yeah I just got myself a hair iron. Make it easier for me to do my hair without the hassle of combing it for hours like I used to :P

So me, Sidi, Bahri, and Din and Wan board U80 Rapid bus heading to PKNS. When we got there we face one important problem.. where the hell are we suppose to eat? -.-" So being a democratic friends we are we settle it in the most "democratic" way. We take a vote.

Me : "I vote for Pizza Hut" Due to the fact it been such a long time since I had some.

Bahri : "Mine goes to KFC'

Din : "How about the Chicken Rice Shop? I want to eat some rice lah"

Wan : "Why don't we try eating at noodle station instead? The noodle there looks good."

Sidi : "Agree with Wan, lets try the noodle station"

Ok.. So my suggestion is outvoted by Noodle station -.-" So we have to head to SACC Mall instead because that is where Noodle Station is located.

But I don't regret it at all. Because the noodle over there is god damn good! Seriously!

Mine is suppose to be Springy Noodle with Tempura Prawn. Cost me RM13 but it is worth every single cent!
We are to busy digging into our meal that the rest of the boys finish their noodle before I could snap a picture of theirs -.-"

Sidi and Din order Coca-cola. But in this kind of glass it looks a lot like of those Carlsberg beers -.-"
I got myself a chocolate milkshake. Wan got himself an Ice Lemon Honey Tea. Again in this kind of glass it looks like some sort of Tequila -.-"
So that conclude for today post! I got myself a Grammar Tree Diagram topic to study. Damn! I hate you Linguistic!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ana Rafalli Komen Blog Saya!

Ingat lagi tak post pasal Ana Rafalli tu? Believe or not dia komen post tu :) So skrang Mr.Ben tengah menaip dengan diri bagai dia awan-awangan :P hahaha.. APA? Korang tak caye? -.-" Tak caye tengok pic ni :D

Cer teka saper yang komen, cer teka cer teka :P

Korang ader? Tak ader kan hahaha.. -.-" ok cukup-cukup la dok riak nih. Thanks again Kak Ana :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tips untuk prevent ex anda yang datang menggatal balik

Dah lama aku tak buat entry love doctor kan -.-" haha.. Ok then.. Dear readers.. Berapa ramai yang pernah ader breakup yang amat amat teruk? The breakup was so damn BAD that you can not even stand the mention of his or her anymore.. Cuba klik like kat bawah tu nak tengok berapa ramai haha.. Pastu berapa ramai lak yang ex korang merayu nak get back dengan korang lepas break up tu? Again, click the like button below so I can know how many of you have that experiences :)
Breakup.. is nothing but plain sucks..
Apa yang korang rasanya yer bila dia menggatal nak bersama dengan korang balik? Marah? Menyampah? Rasa macam nak libas kepala dia dengan batu konkrit? Bawak kereta sampai 200 kilometer per jam dan langgar dia sampai tercabut urat tengkuk? Maybe something much more worse than that? Ye la kan, dah dia mengada buat masalah sampai kita sakit jiwa lepas tu senang je dia kata dia nak get back dengan kita balik.

Well that kind of question only you yourself can answer it. Tapi satu je la yang korang kena ingat.. setiap manusia layak untuk dapat peluang kedua... Even if that person is your ex. Tapi tu still tak bermakna yang korang kena terima dia balik. Perkataan peluang kedua tu banyak maksud dia. Kalau korang berdua dapat teruskan hidup tanpa satu sama lain pun dikira sebagai peluang kedua.

Sebenarnya kalau korang terlibat dengan situasi macam ni lebih baik Mr.Ben rasa korang berdua bawak haluan masing-masing. Tapi pastikan korang tamatkan dengan baik hubungan korang tu. Explain kat dia elok-elok pasal pasal korang dah tak sanggup dah nak teruskan relationship dengan dia. Tapi kan.. bukan semua boleh buat macam tu yer tak. Kebanyakan orang mudah lembut hati nak terima ex dia orang balik. Meskipun korang sendiri dah sedar dia tu lagi banyak buruk dari baik..

So apa yang korang nak buat kalau benda macam ni dah jadi? I been doing some thinking and I think got a few tips to help you in this kind of mess. Korang boleh ceritakan point-point ni kalau korang tak ader idea macam mana nak explain kat dia yang korang dah tak sanggup terima dia dah :)

1) Ceritakan betapa happynya korang sejak dia tak der dalam hidup korang

Korang cite kat dia dah betapa banyaknya hidup korang berubah sejak dia tak ader. Maybe kalau dulu tak boleh buat salah sikit terus korang kena sound dengan dia. Jadi korang ceritakan Sekarag korang dah ader freedom untuk buat apa yang korang nak tanpa perlu risau pasal siapa pun marah kat korang lagi :D Well minus Allah s.w.t la -.-" Kalau tuhan kita marah kat kita of course la kita perlu risau kot. Kalau dulu dia selalu dorong korang buat benda yang menyalahi agama korang cerita kat dia yang sekarang korang dah bahagia sebab dapat kembali kepada Allah s.w.t dan korang dah tak sanggup nak buat dosa kecik mahupun besar seperti dulu

2) Find someone better and show them to your ex 

Biasanya cara terbaik nak teruskan hidup korang ialah cari orang lain kan. Biar ex korang sedar apa yang dia gagal nak protect korang dulu. Kalau boleh cari yang lagi caring.. dan yang lagi sayang kat korang. Kalau lagi handsome atau cantik, lagi kaya dan beriman dan lain-lain tu di kira bonus :P Apa korang kata? Korang tak memandang kebendaan? Jangan tipu la -.-" Macam la aku tak tau.. Tak ada apa yang salah dengan cari pasangan yang berharta skit. Boleh gak menjamin masa depan korang kan? Yang penting kita jangan biar rasa sayang tu jadi berteraskan harta benda.. Hancur jadinya kalau macam tu. Tapi korang jangan la rush nak cari yang lain semata-mata ex korang menggatal balik. Slow-slow and let fate take it course :)

3) Buat declaration nak single sempai habis study

Percaya atau tak aku dah pernah buat benda ni dulu -.-" Tapi bukan la sebab ex-aku datang menggatal balik atau apa. Aku just malas dah nak terlibat dengan bendalah relationship nih. Maybe focus pada study alone is the best thing for me. Tapi pasti kan korang cakap yang korang bukan gay atau lesbian dulu sebelum korang buat statement nih -.-" Biasa la, budak-budak uni ni kalau nampak orang lain single lama skit mula la macam-macam cite keluar. Apa rasionalnya korang buat macam nih? The answer is easy. Bila korang buat declaration macam ni ramai orang akan tau. Dan ramai orang akan ingatkan balik kat korang pasal declaration korang nih kalau korang hampir-hampir ter "jatuh hati" balik kat ex korang. So korang macam ada safety belt untuk halang hati korang dari ter"injured" sebab eksiden kali kedua.

By the way.. want to see my declaration? Well whether you want to or not here it goes :p

Korang notice tak berapa ramai yang kepoh? -.-" Mereka-mereka ni la yang akan jadi tukang memberi peringatan pada korang nanti haha..

4) Change your number/putuskan contact

I don't want to talk to you anymore, stop calling me ;(
Ni sepatutnya antara langkah paling mudah nak buat. I know.. some of you maybe sayang no. phone korang tu. Tapi dah korang ada ex yang psycho mcm tu nak buat macam mana kan -.-" Dari dia dok terus menerus kacau korang kot phone it is better to stop it once and for all. Sim card murah je yer. Tak sampai RM 10 boleh beli skrang. Atau pun kalau korang tak nak tukar no phone korang boleh bar no ex korang tu terus. Just pergi je center syarikat telco korang dan cakap nak bar no. Senang kan?

5)Talk to your ex parents

Gulp.. creepy la pulak nak cakap kat dia orang yer
 Ni hanya untuk mereka yang betul-betul berani mati je yer. Korang cite kat parents ex korang pasal ex korang dok ganggu dia. Lebih elok sebenarnya korang buat macam ni kalau ex korang pernah introduce korang kat parents dia dulu. At least dia orang kenal kan. Cakap elok-elok kat dia orang.. dan pastikan cakap berlapik dan slow-slow.. Cite masalah korang satu-satu dan korang dan tak sanggup dah kena kacau. Sebagai parents of course la dia orang risau pasal anak dia orang dok kacau korang kan. Insyaallah dia orang akan nasihatkan ex korang tu. Tetapi langkah ni amat-amat berisiko yer. Sebab karang tak pasal-pasal korang kena tuduh main-mainkan anak dia orang pulak -.-"

6) Cerita dekat member ex korang

Korang ada tak kawan-kawan ex korang yang baik dengan korang? Kalau boleh citekan apa yang korang rasa kat dia. Mintak dia tegur dan nasihatkan member dia tu. Sebab kalau mengikut pengalaman Mr.Ben la.. kadang-kadang bila kita involve dalam satu relationship kita akan dapat gak best friend dari kalangan member ex korang tuh. Hopefully dia akan faham dan boleh tolong mintak ex korang tu supaya stop.

Actually entry ni dah dekat dua bulan Mr.Ben tulis, skrang baru boleh publish. Nampak sangat malas kan -.-" That is all I guess :) See you next time then!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Winding Road To Degree : Part 3 (Bila Lelaki Bujang Pergi Shopping)

Hari ni housemate aku dan termasuk dengan tuan punya blog sekali cuma terlentang atas katil sebab sakit urat -.-" Ni semua sebab cadangan giler dia orang nak pergi shopping dekat Plaza Alam Sentral dengan jalan kaki. Saya ulangi dengan JALAN KAKI. Padahal kalau kita orang naik bas Rapid pun seringgit je kot. Betapa kedekutnya kita orang -.-" Memang shopping la sangat kita orang nih. Jalan-jalan je lebih :P Anyway ni dah kali kedua kita orang pergi shopping sebenarnya. Tapi untuk shopping kali pertama tu kita orang cuma keluar pergi Giant kat Seksyen 7 sebab nak cari heater dan iron untuk bilik je. So aku rasa macam tak berapa berbaloi la pulak nak blog pasal yang tu. Tapi untuk shopping sambil jalan-jalan kali kedua nih kita orang sempat pergi Shah Alam Lake Garden, Kompleks PKNS, SACC Mall dan tentu Plaza Alam Sentral. Sampai empat tempat sekali gus kita orang pusing dalam satu hari -.-" 

 So macam mana kita orang boleh tiba-tiba dapat idea nak keluar pergi semua tempat nih? Well memandangkan hari jumaat yang lepas kita orang cuti sebab hari Malaysia kita pun mula la plan nak keluar. Satu je benda yang aku kesal pasal kita orang keluar kali nih. Sebab budak-budak ex-Foundation TESL Melaka pun ada buat macam reunion kecik hari tu. Tapi planning reunion tu macam last minute giler. Sampai clash dengan planning aku nak keluar dengan housemate. So aku berbelah bagi nak ikut yang mana :( Tapi mengenangkan yang aku ada empat tahun lagi nak study kat UiTM Shah Alam nih dan aku dan housemates aku pun baru kenal gitu-gitu jer aku rasa baik ler aku keluar dengan housemates dulu so boleh rapat dengan dia orang. Lagi pun aku dah lama pasang niat nak cari printer dengan external hard disk kat Plaza Alam Sentral tuh. Assignment tak lama lagi bakal berlambak aku rasa so memang aku perlukan printer tuh sebab printing kat kedai kat Shah Alam ni cekik darah giler! Sampai 30 sen sehelai kot! So I take account what I consider as an important issue first. Tapi ex-Foundation Melaka pun penting gak. Kalau nak buat reunion lagi cakap la awal-awal skit ok :) Biar semua orang boleh join baru gempak.

So lets get to our first stop, Shah Alam Lake Garden! Tempat nih boleh tahan cantik la. Kalau ikutkan aku rasa jarak dia tak sampai 10 minit pun dari rumah kita orang. So kalau kita orang nak berjoging kat sini waktu hujung minggu pun boleh. Tu pun kalau "rajin" ler :P Tapi actually aku rasa Shah Alam Lake Garden ni still tak boleh lawan Taiping Lake Garden lagi. Tapi not bad la.

From Left : Bahri, Wan, and Me
From Left : Sidi, Me and Wan
Yeah semua empat-empat orang ni la housemates Mr.Ben nih. Sepatutnya ada 6 orang tapi dua orang lagi balik rumah hari tu. Untung la rumah dekat :P

Actually kita orang empat orang ni pun boleh tahan camwhore gak sebenarnya -.-"

Masing-masing muka nak mintak kena lempang -.-"
Low quality pic -.-" Dah la aku posing macam hampeh
Dia orang ader sedia khidmat Kayak kat sini. Maybe nanti kita orang boleh try la kot

Agak-agak dekat setengah jam jugak la kita orang dok lepak dekat taman Shah Alam Lake Garden tuh. Tak buat apa sangat pun. Setakat lepak-lepak tengok suasana situ je. Boleh la kalau setakat nak cuci mata. Lepas tu kita orang tengok-tengok kompleks PKNS pulak :)

Kita sempat survey harga laptop kat sana. Tapi PKNS ni tak banyak mana choice actually. Macam tak berapa best shopping kat sana. Aku cuma beli Laptop Cleaning Kit je waktu kat sana.

Kompleks PKNS (google)
Tapi bagi kaum perempuan maybe dia orang suka la kot PKNS ni. Sebab kat sini banyak giler kedai baju perempuan.

Memang banyak pilihan bagi perempuan yang nak shopping baju kat PKNS nih (google)
Sorry.. Untuk PKNS nih banyak gambar google je sebab kita orang tak ambik gambar mana kat sini. Bagi lelaki kurang skit "tertarik" dengan PKNS nih kot. Rasa gerun pun ader kot sebab kalau bawak makwe datang dating sini memang boleh pokai poket kita orang sebab kat sini banyak barang perempuan -.-"

So lets get to our next destination SACC Mall :D

SACC actually lagi jauh lagi best dari PKNS! Seriously! Cuma dia orang tak banyak mana kedai gadget nih. So kita orang yang memang tengah cari laptop, printer dan segala benda electronik memang tak hang out lama mana la kat sini. Tapi banyak giler kedai dalam nih. So pilihan dia lagi banyak compare dengan PKNS.

Disebabkan kita orang mengada-ngada nak jalan kaki pergi sini kaki kita orang habis sakit -.-" Jadi test kerusi urut ni dulu :P

Si Sidi ni aku rasa kalau kita orang biar je boleh lena dia atas kerusi nih -.-"
Kita orang sempat check Plan Digi kat center dia jap. Dengar citenya Digi dah best dah sekarang. Macam biasa muka aku tak fotogenik mana bila ambik gambar -.-" Dan muka si Sidi pulak macam tengah tido :P

Actually kan akak dekat center tu gelak bila kita orang ambik gambar dengan maskot Digi nih :P Biar je ler. Kita orang memang muka tebal pun :P

Waktu kat section barang elektronik kita terjumpa gambar Cardboard nih. Tapi si Wan sorang je la yang berani pergi try test :P
Again kita orang tak beli apa-apa pun kat sini. Just tengok je banyak.

Akhirnya kita orang sampai gak kat Plaza Alam Sentral ><
Plaza Alam Sentral (Google)

Seriously speaking antara banyak-banyak tempat aku pernah shopping sini la yang paling best! Lebih-lebih lagi tingkat tiga dia. Sebab kat situ ada kedai-kedai elektronik dan gadget yang terbesar kat Shah Alam. Cakap la nak beli phone ke, laptop ke, printer ke.. Baik secondhand atau firsthand semua ada kat sini

Kita orang makan dulu bila sampai tuh. Waktu tu dah dalam pukul 7 dah aku rasa.
Tak silap kita orang waktu kita orang sampai tu ada artis adik beradik kembar perempuan tengah perform. Tapi aku tak sure saper. Dah puas cuba search kat internet tapi tak jumpa.Tapi suara dia orang boleh tahan sedap la. Dah macam yuna ada aku tengok. Korang tau tak saper artis indie kembar perempuan? Kalau korang tau korang cite kat komen ok :) Sebab waktu dok layan je lagu dia orang aku jadi hanyut sampai lupa ambik gambar haha.. -.-"

Interior Plaza Alam Sentral (Google)
Kalau korang datang seriously korang kena pergi 3rd Floor dia! Lebih-lebih lagi kalau nak cari laptop atau apa. Sebab kat sini memang dah boleh lawan lowyat kat KL tuh. Banyak giler choice yang ader. Agak lama jugak la kita orang kat sini. Dok pusing-pusing dalam plaza nih sambil cuci mata.

Bila kita orang nak balik tu kita orang decide untuk naik bas gak sebab dah dekat pukul 10 malam bila kita orang habis shopping tu. Lagi pun barang-barang yang kita orang beli memang agak banyak so memang kerja giler kalau kita orang nak balik jalan kaki sambil bawak barang-barang tu -.-". Bila kita orang sampai kat seksyen 2 kita orang sempat try ABC seksyen 2 yang famous tu.

Kita try flavour strawberry :P
So korang nak tau tak berapa banyak barang yang kita orang satu rumah beli?

So jawapannya ialah er...
Sekarang korang faham kan kenapa kita orang tak boleh balik jalan kaki. Banyak giler kot barang yang kita orang beli -.-"
Dan ni barang-barang yang aku sendiri beli pulak :D

Printer Injet Photo All-In-One complete with scanner Canon Pixma MP258 (Modified)
Cun kan :P harga RM240(Including refill inks and modification price) Kalau base price tanpa modified harga dia cuma 180 jer.

Aku dah mintak tauke kedai tu modified printer ni so dakwat dia tahan lagi lama.

So skrang aku boleh print assignment puas-puas tanpa perlu risau harga printing yang cekik darah lagi! Selain tu aku boleh print lewat malam tanpa perlu risau terpaksa kalut print last minute. So boleh la buat assignment last minute :P hehe.. gurau je. Saya seorang student yang patuh pada dateline *konon

Hitachi Touro Mobile 500 Gigabytes Hard Disk

Finally aku ader Hard Disk sendiri!
Harga yang sepatutnya RM259 tapi lepas puas bertekak dengan tauke kedai tu aku dapat discount sampai RM180 jer :P
Sebenarnya aku boleh cari yang lagi murah pada nih. Kalau brand Seagate tak sampai RM150 pun. Tapi tak ader waranty la pulak. Aku risau skit nak beli gadget yang tak ader warranty nih. So aku bayar la lebih skit so dapat warranty.

so kalau estimation aku betul jumlah yang aku dah spend untuk dua barang nih dlm.. RM420 kot? Duit Simpanan aku hari tu ader RM900 so RM900-RM420=RM480. RM480 je yang tinggal? Risau pulak aku tengok saving aku merosot mendadak macam nih. Tapi nak buat macam mana.. memang aku perlukan dua-dua benda nih. Bukannya aku beli benda mengarut-ngarut. Tapi lepas nih aku kena watch out spending aku skit kot. Kena hati-hati skit  in case ader emergency nak kena guna duit pulak.

Tapi sebenarnyakan aku ingat nak buat berniaga la guna printer aku ni. Sebab aku tengok kedai printing kat sini banyak yang cekik darah sampai 30 sen black and white dan 50 sen colour. Kalau korang nak print datang la rumah aku Meranti B/403 yer :) Harga cuma 20 sen black and white dan 30 sen half page colour dan 40 sen full page colour :) Jauh lagi murah dari kedai kat luar. Kalau korang nak photostat pun boleh tapi harga mahal skit la dari kat luar sebab ni photostat guna scanner printer. Harga photostat pun sama dengan harga print :D

Kalau planning aku betul aku patut dapat balik modal untuk beli printer ni lepas lebih kurang dua kali tukar dakwat :) Ok! Till next episode then!


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