Saturday, August 20, 2011

My freaking inspirations when it comes to writing my blog entry

Hmm.. inspiration huh, you know what, I would actually love to say that it is from of someone that I love, but with my relationship status pointing towards that single area right now like hell that would even be possible -.-" haha.. To be frank there are a few thing that inspire me to write actually, OK, readers! All of you embrace yourself because this is going a long one -.-"

1) From my friends. You know.. a lot of my friends, boys and girls alike told me and seek advices from me about their relationship problems. I don't know why they even told me really, I am not a love doctor or anything but I just don't have the heart to ignore their problems. They have been with me through the thick and thin of all my previous relationships and it is only fair that I could do the same. Sometimes I got a few ideas to write a blog entry from them.

2) From other bloggers. I am an avid blog reader. Blog to me is like an escape from all those formal daily reading materials. I frequently read some other blogs that other people claim to be a love doctor blog like the other Khairul. But to be frank I am not a huge fan of the other Khairul really. Sometimes I think he went a bit too far when he is writing an entry about women. Well.. call me cheesy dude but I think women are too fragile to be condemn like that. Yeah -.-" I still holds the old fashion believe that it is a man duty to protect a woman no matter what happen. So I kind of dedicated my blog writing to cover that topic. But most of the women these days are stronger than they look actually -.-" They should be able to handle any man just fine haha..

3) My previous relationships. You can say I been through it all. From being cheated on to forcing to let someone go so they will have a better life and many more.. I kind of have a fair share of experiences in that area. So I kind of understand the sorrow of having such relationship. It is harsh.. trust me on this one. So sometimes I write how I deal with such situation so other people would be able to recover as well :)

4)From songs! This is usually where I got my inspirations. Have any of you ever heard about a band called the Mayday Parade? This band write one of the best love song ever. You should definitely check them out. Here is a few of their songs I have taken a fancy of.

Miserable at best. Love this one like hell. Love the part where there are some other man ask his girl to dance and the girl say yes.. You got to feel the pain in this song. The fact that you love someone to death but you know you are not the right one for them.
Oh Well, Oh Well. This is a new song from their upcoming new album. Man! I can't wait for it to be released! They really is one of the most talented band out there 

5)The right form of relationship. Most of the kids these days think having a relationship is some sort trend or something. Well I have to disagree with that. The reasons why we are involve in a relationship is to find the right person that we will spent our entire life with.. Love should not be consider as a trend in my opinion lah. If you love someone so much you would protect her and is willing to take her as your wife someday. So my blog writing is kind a struggle to correct that perspective :)

6) Because most of the love doctor style blogs is way to serious -.-" Have you ever read such blogs? They talk about love in such a serious tone that it bore the hell out of their readers. So I always try to write a my entry as entertaining as possible. I try to include some jokes and short story so the reader would not be bored and at the same time so they could benefits the most from my writing :) 

 You know what.. I don't really fancy that some people call my blog the love doctor blog. If there is even such thing as a love doctor then why are there so many people that are in pain because of love in the first place? I just write what I think and feel about love.. If you think it is good many thanks from me then :) If you hate it, hey.. it is your choice right?

So.. how many of you wonder what is my inspiration to write this entry? heheheheehe..

Well honestly speaking it is from my friend Nur Syazana formspring question this time. If you guys want to know she is one of the cutest Sabahan girl I ever known. That is not an over statement. She really is such a cute girl and not to be forgotten a total sweetheart too. The truth is she only sent me a short question asking what is my inspiration in writing my blog, but my answer is so damn long that I think it is better if I use it as a blog entry haha -.-"

4 people got something to say:

Lil Tiger said...

ok balik kampus nanti nana bagi Ben cookies.


Mr. Ben Franky said...

@Lil Tigerhuh? why cookies among all things? =P

Najah Izzati Suleman said...

Man, this is great...Hahahaha..But i usually get inspired once I've already clicked the "new post", spaz out for like 10 minutes, looking around, and what came acroos my ind on that time, there it goes, i wrote in in my blog..hahah

Mr. Ben Franky said...

@Najah Izzati Sulemanyeah, sometimes that works for me too :)


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