Thursday, April 28, 2011

What the Hell!

Serious topic again. But as Avril Lavigne put it what the hell ;P If it ain't serious it ain't me so deal with it suckers.

Well the truth is even I don't like being a serious dude 24/7. Like some people say 

a serious dude = a boring get a life dude

It just that I found that I have a need to talk and give my point of view about a serious topic from time to time. You must admit too that a serious conversation from time to time sharpen your mind and if it goes well it can be quite fun actually. Yeah,you got me, I just used serious and fun in the same sentence :P

Dude! enough with the introduction already, lets get to business shall we. 

I begin my story with an anecdote. My aunt have three children. The eldest is a boy and the rest are girls. Hmm.. how should I describe them, how about 


That cousins of mine can actually give those Rugrat cartoon characters a run for their money. I just don't know what happen to them really. My aunt and uncle is among the kindest person I ever meet. Guess you have to accept the fact if you are a kind person doesn't mean that you will rise good children. Being a parent must have a certain more requirement if you want to succeed. Wait a minute, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let me explain to you why I am bit piss off with them.

They have such a low consideration for others. If they see any other children having some kind of toys or something they would actually beg and throw tantrum until their parents get them one. I still remember when I was a child sometimes I watch the other boys toys with envy. But I keep my silence because I have my other siblings to  think about being the eldest. Even if my parents ask me if I want some kind of toys or something I would just told them to give it to my younger siblings. Being the eldest and rise in a large number of siblings force me to mature fast.It also make me a bit strict and serious.

Enough about me, lets continue with my story about my cousin shall we.They also like to play with other people stuff as if it is their own. Several keys from my laptop keyboard is broken due to them. I still remember a few days ago I bought some bread because I'm not feeling that well and basically have no appetite for rice. What happen is they ask their mother to make me give them some! That is insulting! If they even ask I would gladly shared with them for god sake! To my great dismay they actually finish off all the bread leaving me all hungry for that night! If they were my own siblings I give them a smack right in their freaking face!

Don't get me wrong.. I love kids. As matter a fact I feel calm if I am around kids and I don't have much problem getting kids to like me. But spoil kids is off the case. The only reason I keep silence about them is because the gratitude that I have towards my aunty. She can be say as the most loaded among my father siblings. She has help me a lot in term of my financial need when I am continuing my studies.

Dear lord show them the way...

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